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Vovinamusa in Vietnam To Doung

About  us

Vovinam Viet VO Dao is your one-stop martial arts school that provides the very best learning experience for those looking to explore their potential in the martial arts. With maximum attention to disciple’s safety and effective adaptation, we help our disciples achieve solid body fitness and strong endurance against obstacles and diseases.

Led by Master Hicham Ramli (Thai Binh), President and technical director of Texas Vovinam Viet Vo Dao Federation, we follow all the rules and regulations without exception, we are sure to help you develop a rational mind, an invincible will, and a gallant character.

Committed to teaching philosophy, strength, endurance, self-defense, discipline and overall health, Vovinam Viet VO Dao has a class for every age group, with each class designed to fit their age’s strength and ability.

Our team is made up of a diverse group that comes together with the same goal of teaching the Viet Vo Dao way of life to the community. We will stop at nothing to help reach your maximum potential while making sure the most professional, yet effective ethics are adopted to develop the core elements needed to improve your practical techniques for self-defense and just causes.